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Train. Empower. Promote.

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The fundamental issue driving extreme poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa is the lack of access to quality skills and training. Our research reveals that a significant portion of the youth population, encompassing both graduates and those who have left school early, is grappling with unemployment. To address this challenge and pave the way for future job creation, it is crucial to focus on training and empowering young people. The International Youth Development Network (IYDN), alongside the Skills Builders Community — a coalition of overlooked local skill acquisition centers — is dedicated to offering vocational training to the most impoverished individuals in rural areas. These individuals, many of whom have not completed their formal education, are nonetheless keen to secure meaningful employment. Our strategy, which we refer to as the TEP approach (Train, Empower, and Promote), employs innovative methods to achieve this goal.

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Train. Empower. Promote.

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The IYDN team, together with our local skill center partners, will implement a non-formal education model, incorporating a blended learning approach tailored to our target demographic. Recognizing that our centers focus on practical apprenticeships, we aim to not only enhance specific technical skills but also foster leadership, accelerated learning abilities, literacy, and entrepreneurial competencies. This comprehensive skill set will cover areas such as product design, digital marketing, market testing, and the creation of pitch decks, ensuring learners are well-equipped to navigate and succeed in their future endeavors.


The IYDN Impact Fund plays a crucial role in empowering graduates. Subject to the availability of funds, a select group of apprentices from each participating local skill center in our network will be awarded financial support through the IYDN revolving Impact Fund upon completion of their training. This empowerment fund is intended to assist apprentices in acquiring essential equipment and covering their first year's rent. Oversight of these funds will be provided by the IYDN project management team, alongside guidance from a dedicated business mentor, to ensure successful implementation and use of the resources.


The IYDN project team is committed to enhancing the visibility and market reach of each apprentice's business. We will facilitate connections to premium markets and actively promote their enterprises through our website, local radio broadcasts, and IYDN's social media channels. Additionally, in collaboration with the business community, we will support the sale of their products. Our promotion efforts extend to various activities within the TEP project, such as "Snacks Day," where we use the project's eatery cart to spotlight those in the confectionery industry, and "Sell My Product Day," a dedicated event for network members to showcase their products, available both online and offline. Over the course of 30 months, our project team will not only promote but also monitor the progress of all businesses receiving funding.To foster a sense of community and impact assessment, we will establish an alumni network of all beneficiaries. This will include annual gatherings in various regions or countries, where alumni can share their success stories, offer support to the project, and inspire other young individuals on their paths to success.

Expected Impact and Outcomes:

Develop and deploy a unified curriculum and skill management system across all centers in our network, incorporating both online and offline professional courses. This will allow students to select courses that best fit their interests and needs, while also facilitating the tracking and assessment of each participant's progress. Such a system is aimed at enhancing job placement opportunities and business outcomes post-graduation.

Address the educational and financial challenges faced by underprivileged youth by equipping our 25 pilot centers with the necessary learning tools. Additionally, we will support learners by providing training kits and startup capital through the IYDN revolving credit impact fund and connect them with premium market opportunities

Aim to cultivate an alumni network of over 20,000 skilled apprentices across West Africa who are capable of achieving millionaire status within the next five years, and who are in a position to contribute back to the initiative.

Increase enrollment in local skill centers by highlighting the opportunities for graduates to acquire local and international business practices and certifications, thereby enhancing their employability and business acumen

Lobby for governmental policy reforms in favor of skill centers and their apprentices, to foster a more supportive and conducive environment for skill development and entrepreneurial success


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