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  • Were do IYDN works?

    IYDN works in (6) West Africa countries; Gambia, Sierra Leone, Nigeria, Ghana, Liberia and Benin Republic

  • What we do

    Since its inception, the project has been able to:

    Promote youth entrepreneurship education through IYDN local volunteers within the local communities in 3 west African countries, (Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Gambia) making it acceptable to parents and teeming youths and connecting Interested ones to reputable skill aquisation Center.

    Linking local acquisition centers to International accredited online skill learning institutions to enable proper training of this youths to gain local and international business practices and certification

    Linking local acquisition centers to International volunteers who have interest in mentoring disadvantage learner’s in the developing world, encouraging diversity and inclusion.

    Seek for training equipment support from local government and international donors to enable us equip this local acquisition centers for better delivery service

    Provide seed capital through our impact revolving grants to less privileged skill graduates

    Connect skill graduates to job opportunities for those who wants to work circularly

    Promote skill graduates businesses, linking them to more opportunities such as market and recommendation to financial institution for higher funding.

    Give all registered skill centers partners an online presence through our website and annual skills development events, giving them the opportunity to showcase their activities, gain more audience and collaborate and share resources with each other.

  • Who should participate?

    We seek for professional volunteers who has innate drive to help humanity, it can be individuals with the right skill sets, knowledge, experience and motivation to deliver a specific skill. Skill aquisation centers owners, tech hubs, and schools.

    Individuals/Institution can work with IYDN as a Local representative volunteer (LRV), National Representative Volunteer (NRV) or professional volunteer mentors

  • How to participate?

    Individuals and institution can join our network by filling out our online forms

  • What is the duty of IYDN LRV and NRV?

    The local representative volunteer LRV and the National Representative Volunteer NRV are our key partners in development and implementation of IYDN Projects within the national and rural level, this individual person or institution are also referred to as IYDN social impact networks partner’s who works with our team in tackling complex problems with a systems change approach. Only one NRV is approved by country and one LRV per community. Apply today and make an impact

Donation FAQ?

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  • Donation on our platform is split into three categories:

    1, Disadvantage learner’s training support: This fund will cover the cost of training programs for rural and disadvantaged Youths. Donors can support this cause through the IYDN live campaign platform

    2, Recurring Donation: This is achieved through the live campaign platform, an individual apprentice or a skill center can raise a maximum of 500 USD to cover monthly, quarterly, or annual recurring expenses.

    3, IYDN TEP impact fund donation: This fund shall be used to empower youths in our skills acquisition centers network with startup capital, it will work as a revolving fund.


    The startup capital shall be signed by the recipient and their guarantor whom can be a family member for a period of 30 months with a grace period of 5 months. The fund will be issued at single digit interest rate which will be cashed back to the entrepreneur at the end of the repayment cycle. This approach works well in the society we serve because base on our experience majority don’t actually invest business grants into their business instead it’s seen as free money and can be used to solve other pressing needs. The revolving grant method will make it possible for IYDN to help as many youths as possible within our network.


    Each qualified apprentice will receive equipment, first year rent, and other startup needs.Also IYDN, through the impact fund, shall empower the local skills acquisition centers with equipment and Reformed curricula that are innovative enough to meet current and evolving labour demands. Grants to skills acquisition centers are not to be refunded.


    In addition to financial donations, we accept used mobile phones, notebooks, tailoring equipment, computers, confectionery equipment, car / bike mechanic tools, electrical installation and repairs tools, welding and fabrication tools, woodwork and furniture tools, computer and video material, We also encourage international skilled person volunteers/mentors involvement. For making donations in kind, please contact:


    Please refer to the Make a Donation link for our fundraising opportunities.International Youths Development Network delivers 100% of the live campaign Donation raised through our crowdfunding platform directly to local apprentice or skills acquisition centersPlease contact us to request a copy of our annual Transparent Fund Transaction report