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The International Youth Development Network is a dynamic non-governmental organization, proudly based in Lahti, Finland. Our mission is focused on the comprehensive transformation of young individuals and underserved communities. We strive to empower them and broaden their horizons through exposure to life-changing opportunities and innovations. Our approach involves forging strong partnerships and creating a vibrant network among youth groups, local skill acquisition centers, technical schools, and innovation hubs across West Africa. We pay special attention to those in remote areas who lack the means to share their innovative ideas and projects with a global audience. By linking these groups with international volunteers, funding opportunities, and promotional avenues, we aim to unlock their potential and foster a brighter future for all involved.

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Networking Rural Skills Training Centers

The goal is to weave rural skills training centers into a cohesive network to foster collaboration and facilitate the sharing of knowledge. Key initiatives include:

Mobilizing resources to create an Impact Revolving Fund designed to sustainably finance our initiatives.

Seeking donations of training equipment to ensure that local skills acquisition centers are outfitted with the latest educational technology, enhancing the quality of service delivery.

Developing and rolling out a comprehensive Skill Learning Management System across our network.

This platform will offer a variety of professional courses, both online and offline, enabling students to select pathways that align with their interests. Additionally, the system will streamline the tracking and assessment of each participant’s progress.

Through these targeted strategies and a commitment to promoting skill centers and fostering collaboration, we aim to make a significant contribution to empowering young individuals, advancing skills development, and stimulating the growth of our communities.

Support Through Equipment

Donations of equipment from local, international, and governmental agencies play a crucial role in enhancing the capabilities of our network of local skills centers. This support is instrumental in improving the quality of our services.

By ensuring that these centers are well-equipped, we are able to boost their effectiveness significantly. This, in turn, empowers young individuals by equipping them with essential skills, thereby fostering a skilled and employable workforce that positively influences our communities.

Connect & Promote

The IYDN Skills Builders Initiative is dedicated to bridging the gap between skills training and employment, offering graduates from our programs the chance to connect with job opportunities, particularly those interested in contributing to the circular economy. Additionally, we provide our local skill center partners with an online platform through our website. This digital presence allows them to highlight their activities, reach a wider audience, and foster collaboration and resource sharing among each other.

Through these strategic measures, skill centers are empowered to engage more effectively with stakeholders, promote their offerings, and draw in more learners. Ultimately, this leads to the empowerment of young people by equipping them with valuable skills and education, thereby enhancing their employability and capacity to contribute meaningfully to their communities.

Funding & mentorship

Collaborating with underserved local skills acquisition centers, often overlooked by government initiatives and constrained by limited access to funding and opportunities, we strive to secure financial support for their innovative projects.

By successfully obtaining funding and introducing mentorship programs, we aim to transform these centers into thriving learning environments. This approach not only boosts the employability of their students but also empowers them to achieve success in their chosen fields.

To achieve our goals

In pursuit of our objectives, we forge partnerships with local skills acquisition centers located in rural regions. The President of the International Youth Development Network, through his volunteer experiences in West Africa, noted the significant impact of privately operated training centers within rural communities. Despite their commendable efforts, many of these centers face challenges, including a lack of recognition, insufficient standardized curricula, and inadequate learning resources. Additionally, many apprentices struggle to launch their own ventures post-training due to the absence of startup capital, hindering their entrepreneurial aspirations.

Meet Our Team


As a network-focused organization, we welcome individuals from various disciplines to join the International Youth Development Network (IYDN) team on a voluntary basis. This collaboration not only aids in achieving our organizational objectives but also fosters an environment of flexibility and innovation. If you're passionate about making a difference, consider volunteering with us as a skills mentor, becoming a Local Representative Volunteer (LRV), or stepping up as a National Representative Volunteer (NRV). Join our network and contribute to our mission today.

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