Since inception, International Youths Development Network have taken a bold step to create job opportunities to youths within our target communities. We are presently building partnerships with local businesses and organizations within our target communities and growing collaboration with local businesses, organizations, and educational institutions to develop internship programs, job fairs, at same time designing skill-building workshops with our network of skill centers, these partnerships we hope to use create a pipeline of job opportunities for youths.

Another step we are taking is by working with local skills acquisition centers who are providing entrepreneurship training to disadvantage learner's to Empower this youths with entrepreneurial skills by offering training programs and workshops on topics such as business planning, marketing, financial management, resume writing workshops, interview preparation, and professional development sessions and networking.

The IYDN Skills Builders Initiative also links trained youths to mentorship opportunities, by connecting learner's with experienced professionals in their desired fields through mentorship programs with the aim to provide guidance, support, and networking opportunities to help youths achieve their career goals.

Through the International Youths Development Network Impact fund, we support and fund disadvantage learner's from our network of local skill centers, initiatives led by youths within the rural communities such as community projects, social enterprises, or startups. Our team encourage their creativity and innovation by providing resources and guidance, encouraging them to start their own businesses and provide ongoing support and mentorship, with this project we hope to have alumnus job creators in the near futureOur project also advocate for youth employment policies, especially for government to recognize local skills acquisition centers and their apprentice to grant them access to government funding and tax incentives.

Our dynamic website offer job placement services that connects youths with employers within the community using our online job matching system as well as helping them develop a professional resume and cover letter support, interview coaching, and ongoing support after securing employment.
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