At International Youths Development Network, we see Skill acquisition for youth as a very important aspect of our mission because it helps youths develop valuable abilities that can enhance their personal and professional lives. .

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Below are some steps we apply in our Skills Builders Initiative project to help youths acquire new skills:

  • Our project teams Identify Interests: IYDN team do this by encouraging youths in our network centers to explore their interests and passions, this process helps learner's choose skills they are genuinely interested in and increase their motivation to learn.
  • Set Goals: Our project team working with center proprietors help learner's set specific and achievable goals related to the skills they want to acquire. Setting goals provides direction and helps measure progress along the way.
  • Research: Throughout the learning and empowerment period which last for over 2 years, IYDN Skills Builders Initiative project team guides skill centers proprietors and learners in researching various skill development options, this is done through enrolling learners to additional courses on our international partners platform, organizing workshops, online resources, pairing them with mentors, or volunteering opportunities related to their chosen skill.
  • Plan and Prioritize: Our team assist youths in our network community to create a schedule or plan for learning their chosen skill considering the fact that youths have so many desires at teenage age. Helping them allocate dedicated time for practice and learning, ensuring they prioritize their skill development alongside other commitments. Our team during each session emphasize the importance of setting out time for consistent practice. For us skills are acquired and improved through regular practice, so helping our learners establish a daily or weekly practice routine is crucial.
  • Join IYDN Productive Communities: At graduation, we motivate them to join IYDN productive communities, each apprentice is added to a group related to the skill they have acquired, activities of this groups are coordinated both online and offline. We believe that engaging with others who share similar interests can provide support, encouragement, and opportunities for collaboration.
  • Embrace Failure: Failures in life is inevitable no matter how knowledgeable or skillful one is a little mistake can result to serious consequences and that is why our team teach youths that failure is a normal part of the learning process, on every occasion we encourage them to embrace mistakes as learning opportunities and develop a resilient mindset.
  • Finally, We Showcase Skills: Through our show your skill YouTube channel and radio program, we showcase our productive communities’ innovations to a large audience, this helps them grow sales through the market community. Also, our team help youths build a portfolio or resume that highlights their acquired skills, and annually we engage all our Skills Builders Initiative community in various skills related competitions, exhibitions, and community projects to showcase their abilities.

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