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Local Skills Acquisition Support Centers - IYDN

  • 2024/04/08
  • Nigeria
Local Skills Acquisition Support Centers

Event Description

We tackle the root cause of poverty by using innovative approaches to addressing skills Development and Empowerment. IYDN works in Partnership with local skills acquisition centers with the aim of discovering tomorrow’s transformational leaders today and equipping them for a better future with more emphasis on the girl child.

we have observed that there are few private driving skill training centers doing a great job in rural communities but most of these centers lack recognition by the government and lack a standard curriculum and conducive training environment/learning equipment. Also, most apprentices are not able to establish themselves after the completion of the training because of a lack of startup capital making it impossible for them to achieve their entrepreneurship dream. Your kind donation to the IYDN impact fund will help us address this challenge and empower more disadvantaged learners to achieve their life dreams.

Your donation will help us support them with training tools to enable these local acquisition centers to engage learners with the right skills.

At graduation, depending upon funding, we empower each youth with startup funds through IYDN revolving Impact fund, also we promote their enterprise through our local and international partners making them more visible and their business viable.