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IYDN Skills Builders Initiative - IYDN

  • 2024/03/29
  • 11:35 AM

Event Description

The IYDN Skills Builders Initiative is a transformative project designed to empower young individuals with essential skills, and resources to thrive in a rapidly evolving world.

IYDN works with local and international partners to train disadvantaged youths in Africa, helping them gain life skills through our network of local skills acquisition centres. Our mentoring, life-skills training, and empowerment program through these local skill centres empower disadvantaged youths and help end the cycle of unemployment.

To properly address the root cause of poverty and unemployment among the growing youth population in sub-Saharan Africa, effort is needed in identifying its causes and fixing them rather than just suppressing its symptoms. Sad, millions of youths drop out of school each year in Sub-Saharan Africa, while those who are fortunate to complete university studies are unable to secure jobs as a result of limited job opportunities. This has made many youths engage in unprecedented heinous crimes, such as armed robbery, internet fraud, illegal migration, ritualistic killings etc.

IYDN in her quest to identify tomorrow’s transformational leaders today has identified a root cause of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa that needs urgent attention which is; Skill Development and empowerment. Based on our findings, the majority of both graduate and dropout youths are victims of unemployment, on this note, an alternative for sustenance and creating jobs for the future generation is by training and empowering youths. Today a lot of organization are commendable doing this, but IYDN have observed that it’s not just enough to train youths in different skills and leave them to their fate. Instead, our project team wants to use a different innovative approach which we codenamed IYDN Skills Builders Initiative, using our TEP approach.

Train. Empower. Promote.

  • Train youths in any area of their interest based on international/local business and job practices
  • Empower participants, with startup equipment and finance via our youth bank/secure them a job from both local/international firms
  • Promote each Youth TEP Network Participant through various channels, link them up to market, and provide them with free business growth advice