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Help Survivals of 2023 Christmas Eve Massacre - IYDN

  • 2024/03/29
  • 11:49 AM
Help Survivals of 2023 Christmas Eve Massacre

Event Description

The International Youths Development Network Skills Builders Community in Nigeria has joined forces with GlobalGiving and various local partners to launch a training and empowerment program for 300 internally displaced individuals who endured the 2023 Christmas Eve Massacre in Plateau Village, Bakkos. This rural area, which has suffered greatly at the hands of armed attackers, witnessed the impact on 84 communities, resulting in 161 fatalities and the displacement of 29,350 residents. The ongoing conflict represents a significant challenge to peace and stability in the region, a challenge the Nigerian government continues to address without a definitive resolution.


Internally Displaced person in Nigeria receives short-lived attention from the government and are thereafter left to their fate, as a result, they face the challenge of accessing basic services such as food, water, shelter, and healthcare. Also, because they can’t return home, and are unable to work or access income-generating opportunities, leads to hardship, exploitation, abuse and disruption of their children’s education. This often increases stress, anxiety, and mental health problems for IDPs.


Since the government has yet to find a lasting solution to this conflict, the best option now is to skill up the survivors and reintegrate them into a peaceful society. The IYDN Skills Builders team are presently training this displaced person with essential skills which include carpentry, tailoring, cosmetology, food processing, entrepreneurship and financial literacy. These skills are selected based on local demand for labour and the potential for the trainees to start their businesses.

Long term impact

Practical skills training provided by our team shall enable IDPs to gain employment, start their small businesses, and reduce reliance on humanitarian aid contributing to their financial resilience. Also, this can have a positive impact on their mental health and well-being, helping them to rebuild their lives with dignity and purpose and be able to return their children to school and build a better future for themselves and their communities, leading to lasting positive impacts.